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By Pheobe Hill

As a prospective home buyer, chances are that the kitchen is high up your list of priorities. Indeed, the kitchen and master bathroom are the two most important rooms for buyers when choosing real estate, according to Forbes. Even if the rest of the house checks out, a small kitchen can feel like a deal breaker. But don’t be so hasty. If you really think this could be the property for you, and it’s just the kitchen holding you back, there are ways to get round the perceived lack of space.

Make hangings your friend

Where space is in short supply, you should jump at any opportunity to make use of wall hangings. Not only will hanging items on walls free up counter space, it can be a convenient place to store things that can otherwise become buried in crowded drawers.

Where space is in short supply, you should jump at any opportunity to make use of wall hangings.

You’d be surprised at how many common kitchen items can be stored safely on walls. A few notable examples include:

  • Kitchen knives – magnetic racks are a simple solution to storing knives. Just ensure these are placed out of reach of any small children.
  • Spoons and spatulas – a simple bar rack hanging from the underside of a shelving unit can hold a host of food preparation items, freeing up cupboard and drawer storage.
  • Fruit and vegetables that don’t need refrigerating – rather than a bowl taking up valuable table or counter space, a classy hanging basket can  be used to contain hold common cooking ingredients or healthy snacks instead. Hanging baskets can also be added to existing cupboards to make use of otherwise dead space, and used to house cleaning products, bin liners or even spices.

However, don’t limit yourself to walls when it comes to hangings. If your kitchen ceiling is low enough, this can be another convenient and quirky locations for hangers.

Choose innovative designs 

Don’t think you’re the only one battling the problem of a small kitchen. There are plenty of people in the same boat, and as a result there are a variety of products designed to help maximise the space available.

Pull-out counter space is one common trick to give you a few more options in your kitchen. They look like normal drawers, but pull-out counters provide sturdy surfaces which can be used as chopping boards, or other food preparation stations.

Don’t think you’re the only one battling the problem of a small kitchen. There are plenty of people in the same boat, and plenty of products that can make life easier.

The sink is one area that represents dead space when it’s not in use, and over the sink chopping boards are one clever way to make better use of this part of the kitchen. These come in a variety of different designs, but provide a solid surface which again can be used when preparing food. Similarly, buying a drying rack that fits over the sink means pots can drain here rather than using valuable counter space.

A small kitchen often means small appliances, so saving space in your fridge also becomes a priority. One clever way to do this is to install super strength magnets in the roof your fridge. These can be used to store metal-capped bottles, which have a habit of taking over fridge space, by lifting them into an otherwise unoccupied area.

Think about what you’re bringing with you

Remember that you directly impact how big a space feels with what you put into it, and moving into a smaller kitchen can be a perfect time to assess whether you actually need everything you are bringing with you.

This includes anything from furniture down to items used for cooking and cleaning. As well as cutting down on clutter, consider whether the items you’re taking into your new home are the most economical in terms of space. You can purchase pre-packaged sets of pots and pans which are designed fit together neatly, a real space saver for shelves and cupboards.

Similarly, swapping out chairs for stools means these can be stored under your table when you’re not eating, creating easier access routes around your kitchen.

It’s important to remember that there’s more to a kitchen than just its size. Hopefully these hacks will let you look at your kitchen space with fresh eyes, and give you inspiration to make better use of what is available to you.

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