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By Pheobe Hill

The summer season is a busy time in real estate. If you are thinking of selling this summer, give your property a thorough spring clean to ensure buyers see your home at its best. It can also be a good idea to consider what else you can do to make your property more appealing. With buyers now conducting ‘drive-bys’ before deciding whether or not to book a viewing, don’t let your house put-off visitors before they’ve even made it past the gate.

Look through our suggestions below to get ahead of other houses for sale in your area.

A spring clean should include the tasks you only do once or twice a year.

Have a clear-out first
Moving house is a great excuse for getting rid of excess items. Before you start cleaning, check to see if you have anything you haven’t used in a while and either donate or sell it. Not only will a cluttered house be off-putting for viewers, it creates more work for you in keeping it clean.

Get the entrance looking great
First impressions count. The first thing any visitor to your home will see is the outside. So from the gate, to the doorstep and from the drive way to the windows, give your entire entryway the once over. Re-cover any cracked paint work and give the whole area a thorough sweep. Check the windows are sparkling and look out for anything around the guttering, drains or other outdoor areas that needs a tidy. Take a step back from your property and cast a critical eye over it. You may spot something you hadn’t noticed.

Remember the garden
It can be tempting to focus on the inside of your property when preparing it for sale. Potential buyers will be thinking about how they use the outside space too and an unruly garden spells extra work for them. Get the weeding done, mow the lawn, pull out anything you might consider an eyesore and add some colour. If you have outside furniture, does it add to the appeal? Get rid of rusty old chairs and show off the outdoor living potential. If you’re not much of a gardener, get some pre-planted pots shortly before viewings start to give some life to your garden.

Storage is important and anyone looking at your home may want to check out what’s available.

Deal with that longstanding maintenance issue
Buyers are going to be taking in every aspect of your property and may also want a formal inspection. Make sure your home is an easy sell by making sure there are no maintenance issues that they’d have to deal with if they bought the property. Issues can range from blocked guttering to evidence of damp or pests and may require external help. Whatever the issue, nobody wants their new home to be a headache from day one so deal with it before viewings start.

Clean from top to bottom
While this point may seem obvious, think outside the usual regime when it comes to cleaning. It’s not just about keeping up with the day-to-day. A spring clean should include the tasks you only do once or twice a year. Check lampshades, ceiling fans and skirting boards. If in doubt, clean it. Keep on top of the cleaning to minimise the chances of off-putting food and pet smells lingering longer than necessary. If you do have pets, invest in a scented candle or diffuser to cover anything unappealing.

Organise cupboards and storage space
Storage is important and anyone looking at your home will want to check out what’s available. Instead of chucking your belongings into these spaces in a haphazard manner, add some organisation to show off your existing storage space. Ideas include hanging pouches, hooks and rails, extra shelving or simply neat and tidy boxes. This can extend to many areas in the home including cupboards or drawers. Make sure the buyer has no doubts that they can move straight into your home and not have to come up with their own creative storage solutions.

Before you sell your home, run through the list above and make sure your property appeals to every potential buyer. Investing a little time now could really pay when it comes to a quick and valuable sale. If you don’t have time to keep on top of cleaning and maintenance yourself, consider hiring someone to do it for you.

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