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What sells a home

By Angie Garside

It is every home sellers dream to sell their home quickly and for the best possible price. But how can this outcome be achieved?

At Ray White Forster Tuncurry, we find the most common mistake many sellers make when selling is they discover the true market value of their home only after they are talked into signing up for an expensive advertising campaign. If the price they want is not reached during the marketing, the seller is locked in.  They either sell for less than they had originally hoped to achieve or they pay for an expensive advertising campaign that did not result in a sale.

Understanding some of the factors that affect how quickly and at what price your home may sell can save you from wasting thousands of dollars on a failed advertising campaign:

The location of your home is vitally important and will play a major part in how quickly it sells and the price you receive.

But the most important determining factor whether your home sells is not location,it’s price! That’s right, the price is the main reason your home sells or not. Just imagine that you have a well presented home in a sought after area with a price that is more than any other comparable home in the area. Is anyone going to buy it? No, buyers may not even inspect it. You can advertise it on the front page of the Herald Sun if you like and it’s still not going to sell if it’s overpriced. But if you price the property competitively it will attract genuine interest and will sell. It will sell for a better price than what an overpriced and overexposed property that’s been on the market for months will end up selling for.

Some other factors that can affect the sale of your home are its street appeal and its presentation when buyers step through your front door. Does your home have that WOW factor to win the hearts of buyers? Also renovated bathrooms, and updated kitchens with open living areas that flow to an outdoor entertainment area, can greatly enhance the appeal of your home. But ultimately it will still come down to price.

If you want the best possible price selling your home in Forster Tuncurry, you must be realistic about the true market value of your home in today’s market. The final price you’ll receive will be what a good agent can negotiate from a genuine buyer.

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