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By Pheobe Hill

Repairs can be an added inconvenience to the already hectic period that comes with trying to sell a property. Of course, your primary goal is to maximise the return on your original real estate investment, so you don’t want to be shelling out for professionals to fix every little problem. This article will show that you can fix many of the most common maintenance problems yourself, a surefire way to save some money, and help your property sell faster.

The outdoors

Prospective buyers will start to size up your property as they walk up the path, so a good first impression is key.

Make sure the garden is tidy and not overgrown. If your garden is full of weeds or dead flowers, buyers will immediately expect the same level of neglect on the inside – so ensure you maximise an area that should be adding to the value of your property.

Prospective buyers will start to size up your property as they walk up the path, so a good first impression is key.

The same goes for garden features, give fences a lick of paint and wash down garden furniture with warm soapy water to get rid of any marks.

Clear out gutters. No one wants to buy a house where they immediately have to start unblocking gutters, so make sure to do this before you start showing people round. If getting up on a step-ladder isn’t your thing, there are plenty of devices that allow you to do this from the safety of solid ground.

The hallway

So far so good, the potential buyers are inside. The squeak of a floorboard can, however, instantly ring alarm bells as to the building’s structural integrity. While you may be perfectly content that this sound is just due to heavy footfall in this area, it’s your buyers that you need to convince.

The squeak of a floorboard can instantly ring alarm bells as to the building’s structural integrity.

Bizarrely, squeaky floors can often be fixed by a simple sprinkle of baby powder between the boards. You need to get the powder into the seams, and ensure it goes all the way through. If this doesn’t work, a brace to support the area beneath the squeak can be another easy option.

The kitchen

Along with the master bathroom, the kitchen is one the most important rooms when selling a house, according to Forbes. These two spaces have a lot in common when it comes to maintenance.

Leaky pipes aren’t only aesthetically unattractive, but can contribute to a damp smell in the kitchen which is a major turn-off for buyers. Sinks are a hotspot for leaks, and there are a few steps to take when mending this yourself:

  • Turn off the water supply to the offending sink. There will either be an individual shut off valve, or you will have to trace the pipes to their source.
  • Before you start unscrewing anything, place a container below the sink to catch any water that is still in the pipe.
  • Take off the compression nuts (the large white plastic rings).
  • Replace the washer (or the whole P-trap if you have to).
  • Screw it back together.
  • Turn the water back on.

Another common kitchen complaint lies with the fridge. If your fridge or freezer isn’t cooling properly, there are a number of potential reasons why:

  • Ensure the temperature control dial is set correctly.
  • Give the refrigerator coils a good clean.
  • Make sure the air vents are clear from blockages.
  • Clean the condenser van and make sure it’s fully operational.

If your fridge is sounding louder than it should, pulling it out and checking the motors and compressors is a good way to locate the source of the noise. You can now ascertain which parts need to be repaired or replaced.

The bedrooms

Unless the bedrooms in your property have any unusual features, the main things to look out for in these rooms are the walls and floor. What may seem like minor marks on walls, floors or furniture to someone who has lived in a space for a while can stand out like a sore thumb to someone entering a room for the first time, so pay attention to the details.

Replacing a carpet or giving the walls a fresh coat of paint shouldn’t be overly complicated, but ensure you factor in how long such projects can take when you’re devising a timeframe for selling your property.

Another common problem can be stuck windows, if they haven’t been used in a while. This can usually be easily fixed with a lubricating agent, and a sharp edge – but make sure you go easy on the paintwork. When you’ve got the window open, give it a thorough clean to stop the problem from occurring again when you shut it.

Seemingly small individual expenses can add up if you’re consistently getting professionals to fix the maintenance issues in your property prior to a sale. To get more information on how to get the most out of selling your property, get in touch with the team at Ray White today.

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