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A ‘win’ for buyers and for sellers

By Angie Garside

The agent who is entitled to the highest selling fee is the agent who is capable of getting the highest selling price. But this does not mean that the buyer should be the loser.

Our agents at Ray White Forster Tuncurry know that the only way to get the highest price for a seller is to discover the maximum price any interested buyer is prepared to pay. To do this, the agent has to get a buyer interested in a property by first attracting the buyer to his or her office. This means making it easy for the buyer to come to the office. Being available weekends and outside working hours is the first basic step to attracting buyers.

Most buyers can pay more than they first reveal. It is a good idea to show buyers homes they are likely to love, regardless of the price they say they can pay. Many buyers purchase a home between ten and fifteen percent above what they intend to pay.

Here’s an example: A couple say they are looking to buy up to $500,000. They can probably go higher. The question is: How much higher? This is what the agent must discover. What is their maximum?

The agent should ask the buyer this question: “What would you do if you found the ideal property, one you truly loved, your dream home, and this home cost $520,000?” Most will say they would pay $520,000, which is $20,000 more than the maximum price they told the agent in this example.

The world’s best real estate salespeople know their buyers intimately. A good real estate salesperson, a skilled negotiator, will know more about what a buyer is likely to do than the buyer will know. This is the hallmark of a great negotiator.

After the agent has a good idea of what a buyer will pay and what they will buy, the next objective is to find a home they love. When the heart and the head meet, the heart always wins.

The agent should show houses without focusing on the price. The idea is to get an idea of what they like before discussing a specific price. The agent also has a moral obligation to make sure that the buyers can afford any home they see.

For all the hype about Open Homes, they are not as effective at helping the agent to qualify the buyers and help them find the home they love. If the agent puts the buyers in a car – offers the buyers personal service – the agent can spend time and get to know exactly what sort of home the buyers will buy.

Sure, with a good agent, the buyers will not buy at bargain prices, but they will find a home they love at a price they can comfortably afford. Isn’t this what all buyers want?

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