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Service Guarantee

Guaranteed Service – that’s what you want.

You’re just about to list your property for sale – probably your biggest asset and a very important decision – one you must get right.

There can be a big difference between the promises an agent may make you and the actions that follow.

What if your agent would guarantee their service? Well, all you need to do is ask.

A Service Guarantee will ensure:

  • Your property is listed at a realistic price
  • Your property is not under quoted in order to attract a buyer
  • You are not tied into an agreement with an unsatisfactory agent or if your      circumstances change
  • That only qualified buyers are introduced to your property
  • All marketing expenses incurred are absorbed by your agent
  • If your agent is not able to fulfill their obligation to you, then they should be held accountable at no cost or risk to you or your property.

No excuses, no exceptions and no “fine print”, as so many home owners discover when it’s too late.

If you would like more information on how a Service Guarantee will protect you and help to achieve the highest possible price for your property, contact a representative at Ray White Forster Tuncurry today!